Solo guys

Joe, the everyday type of straight guy

A real straight man… with glasses

If you like men with glasses stay glued to the screen and have fun with this one! He is Joe, he is a regular everyday type of guy except he’s got a big dick and nice low hanging nut sack to back it up. He can also cum again soon after busting his nut. He’s a new guy at The Guy Site and I’m sure he will perform again and again. He appears in the room wearing only his military hat and his glasses. I think he knows he’s sexy and he even tries to hide his huge cock with the hat at a certain time. But he needs to cum, not only once, not twice, but three times. Yes you’ve heard right! His nuts are full of cream and he wanna show us his power! Now I wanna hear from you: do you like this straight man with nerdy glasses? I already know what you’re going to tell me… Joe should let his body hair grow. I can only agree with you and I hope to see this man in a different guise!

Anyway, after cumming like an animal, Joe needs to take a shower. The close-ups are extremely hot, he soap up his muscled body, he cleans his big cock and he turns back to show us how he cleans his hairy ass. Yes, I said hairy ass, so Joe does not use the razor on each part of his body!

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